Complete concrete-contractor

We deliver complete concrete-contracts on buildings and also operate as a sub contractor if needed.


We perform pumping missions from the smallest to the largest job. You can order both pump and concrete through Thunberg Entreprenør AS.

Parking garages / basements

We offer restoration and repair of concrete works and floors, parking deck coated with durable surface coating as the final product.


A Concrete Contractor with base and main office in Larvik. Contractor and if desired subcontractor for complete concrete work. Also flooring in industrial buildings, company-buildings and larger housing projects. We deliver all activities from isolating, installation of steel fiber, steel smoothing, hard concrete and floating screed on polished floors, etc.

About Thunberg Entreprenør

Thunberg Entreprenør AS has more than 30 years experience as a concrete contractor. That gives us great expertise in the subject, with a competent and stable workforce.

Thunberg Entreprenør AS is located with office and warehouse at E-18 Bommestad in Larvik.